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 Take a break, grab a cup of tea and tune into Art Alkhemi's audio visual Podcast. Paint your Peace is our philosophy, creation  and transformation are what we celebrate.  Art Alkhemi welcomes extraordinary and inspiring Guests into the studio to paint, whilst discussing  the experience of perusing  creative passions. 

Hosted by Art Alkhemi's founder Adanech ( Queen of HeArt).

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Episode 1: The Alchemist 

A stream of consciousness by Art Alkhemi's founder Queen of HeArt

Veiw Podcast

Episode 2: Follow the White Rabbit  

A conversation with Artist George Eyo.

In this Podcast, Queen of HeArt Welcomes George Eyo; Visual Artist, photographer and Coffee Connoisseur.  Whilst the two paint, they discuss George's exit from the corporate world and his re-alignment with his creative passions.


This is dedicated to the people who struggle to fulfil their hearts desires due to the pressure to live up to the status quo. 


Coming Soon

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